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Volcano Colombia

Volcano Colombia

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Volcanic soil folks! It's probably the best stuff you can grow coffee trees in (except for guano, Ace Ventura, eat your heart out)
Coffee plantations in Colombia range in size and complexity. Some are no bigger than your backyard growing a handful of trees, others are massive operations with full harvesting teams and processing equipment.
This coffee is technically a blend of a bunch of small plantations, called smallholders from the Narino region, famous for growing truly delicious coffees.
It is sweet and tangy, with a lovely coating texture.

100% Colobia, Narinjo region.

Tastes Like:
Lemon meringue

Volcano has been roasted with an espresso machine AND the filter brewer in mind, some call this an Omni-roast.

Drunk black this coffee is tangy and sweet. Add some milk to this and you get a fruit like yoghurt!
20g dose
50g Yield
27 Seconds

However, this coffee also works great as an Aeropress.
20g dose
250g water
3-minute brew time.
Adjust strength after brewing with extra water or milk to taste.

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