Lets make your coffee better

Buy freshsly roasted coffee, grind fresh with a burr grinder, use a set of scales to weigh your coffee and brew water.




  • Espresso

    1. Use a ratio of 2:1
    20g ground coffee to brew 40g of espresso in 30 seconds.

    (or your espresso should weigh double what your ground coffee weighed)
    2. Adjust your grind size untill it takes 28-32 seconds to brew the espresso.
    3. Distribute the coffee to remove cracks and freactures in the coffee bed. (WDT Tool helps)

  • Stovetop

    1. Fill the bottom chamber with boiling water.
    2. Turn the stove down to low when coffee starts flowing out the spigot.

    3. Remove from the stove when the brewer starts sputtering.

  • Aeropress

    1. Make sure you own an Aeropress, they are the best.
    2. Try a recipe of 20g to 100g of water.
    3. Dilute down to a strength that you like.

  • Pour Over

    1. Allow some CO2 to escape from the coffee grind by 'Blooming' . Swirling or stirring helps.
    2. Preheat the brewer with hot water.
    3. Use a ratio of 60g per litre.

  • Plunger

    1. Grind course.
    2. Stir the brew before plunging to allow fine particles (fines) to settle.
    3. Don't press all the way to the bottom, leave a gap, otherwise fines will pass through the mesh filter and into the brew.