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Coffee for cafes, restaurants and offices

Delicious Coffee

Starts with the beans

A bad cup of can cost a returning customer. Great tasting blends and single origins keep customers coming back

But it won't taste great without


There are four areas we focus on when training our wholesale clients. Brewing, latte art, workflow efficiency and customer service. All training is free for wholesale clients.

And it all hinges on the right


We help our partners get the right equipment for their budget and circumstance.

Wholesale FAQ

Are there minimum order sizes?

5kg is the minimum order to qualify for wholesale pricing.

How much is your coffee?

Our blends start at $30. Rare coffees or single origins will be more.

Do you offer free machines?

No, we help new customers purchase their own equipment. This could be a new machine, a second-hand machine, and may mean leasing with a company like Silverchef. We provide individual advice depending on your plan and your budget. We want to help our wholesale partners build resilient businesses that are not beholden to loan equipment or dodgy contracts.

Is your coffee fair trade?

We use the ‘Direct Trade’ model of buying our green coffee and have a direct link to the producers that grow our coffee through our importing partners.

Do you sell teas, chocolate, chai and syrups?

Absolutley! All of our 'ancillary' products must meet stringent quality standards.

Do you service equipment?

We offer preventative maintenance and work closely with Mazali coffee for breakdowns.

Do you supply to offices?

Absolutely! Beans, choc, chai, cold brew and tea!

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