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Bruselas- Colombia

Bruselas- Colombia

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This great tasting coffee comes from well tended trees, careful harvesting and expert processing. The region of Bruselas in the famous Huila is a prime example of what Colombia can produce.
At Long Shot, we're big fans of washed coffees, this coffee from Bruselas has undergone an extended washed fermentation, normally with a treatment like this, we would expect to see some funky flavours start to develop. This hasn't happened with this coffee, which is super interesting. Instead we have super clean and syrupy body and a sparkling acidity. 

Tastes Like: Dried fruits, vanilla

We're roasting this coffee pretty light, best for filter brew methods like Aeropress or V60. However, you can also pull a really long (think 60g) espresso with this coffee and get a great result.

Filter Recommendation
13g dose
230g water
2.5-minute brew time.
Adjust strength after brewing with extra water. We think this coffee is the best drunk black.

Recommended Lungo Recipe
20g dose
60g Yield
25 Seconds

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