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LOLLYPOP is sweet, fruity and a stack of fun. We look for coffees that naturally showcase super sweet fruit character. Think raspberries, cherries and apricot then roasted on the light side of an espresso roast to preserve this flavour.

Right now LOLLYPOP is a blend of:

70% Xinoo, Yirgacheffe,  Ethiopia
30% 'Volcano', Narinjo, Colombia.

Tastes Like:
Ripe apricot and raspberry jam.

LOLLYPOP has been roasted to be very versatile. This coffee works great as a filter coffee or a long black. If milk is your thing, only use a small amount, and you'll get something that tastes like a fruit yoghurt.

Standard espresso recipe:
20g dose
45g-50g Yield
28 Seconds

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